Born in Albany, New York, in 1947, I left for New York City in 1965 to attend the Fashion Institute of Technology. Majoring in Fashion Illustration I learned the discipline of figure drawing but never took to a career in commercial art. Instead, I moved to the East Village and lived the hippie life of the Sixties. After fun communes turned to frightening cults and domestic violence, I somehow, as a single mom, found my way back to school to earn an MFA from the University at Albany in 1983. Several years later I returned to New York and set up a live/work studio on the Lower East Side and became part of a wonderful art community, spanning all the boroughs. I remained there until 2018 when I moved upstate. Here my whole house is a studio, and the Hudson Valley is bursting with art.

My practice has ranged from realistic paintings of angels (80s), to wall-sized photocopies of genitals (90s), from small symmetrical pencil drawings to charcoal fingerprint murals (2000s) There have also been forays into wood construction and video as I carry the personal as political torch. I have had name changes along the way too, from my early married name, Weinman, converted to Weinperson for several years, and now back to my birth name, Braun. It's all part of a search for selfhood, best expressed by my concurrent shows in 2016, "Homeostasis" and "Crazy Bitch".

Since 2003 all my work is within the constraints of symmetry and carbon mediums, called Symmetrical Procedures. Working within a framework reflects my philosophy of freedom through discipline, serving as both a trigger and a filter.

My papers are archived at the Fales Library, at New York University, in their Special Collection of Downtown New York Artists from 1980s-90s.