AKA: Judith Weinman/Weinperson  (1983-95) 




b. Albany, New York, 1947

Lived New York City 1994-2018

Currently lives in upstate New York.

SOLO and **/*** Person EXHIBITIONS 

2024  "I'm Bad", Kiddie Pool, Albany, NY

            "Hot Mess: A Collaborative Installation", Laura Mesaros Gallery, University of West                                                               Virginia, Morgantown, WV ***

2023  "Beyond Ritual", The Re Institute, Millerton, NY **

              NADA Foreland, Catskill, NY, with gallery.albany **

2022   "My Pleasure", Opalka Gallery, Russell Sage College, Albany, NY

2019   "Two Bitches Are Better than One", Maples Rugs, New York, NY

2016   "Homeostasis", McKenzie Fine Art, New York, NY             

             "Crazy Bitch", Simuvac Projects, Brooklyn, NY

2014    Art Brussels, BE, solo booth with Joe Sheftel Gallery

2013   "May I Draw", Joe Sheftel Gallery, New York, NY

2012   "Diamond Dust", Chrysler Museum of Art, Norfolk, VA

2009   "Bicameral Symmetries", Galerie Conrads, Düsseldorf, DE

2008   "Symmetrical Procedures", Fruit and Flower Deli, New York, NY

(as Weinman/Weinperson)

1992   "Sacred Order of the Burning Bush", Arena, New York, NY

           "He’s Good In Bed", Boulevard Project Space, Albany, NY

1991   "Six Good Cases for Manslaughter", Columbia University, New York, NY

1990   "Read My Pussy", Souyun Yi Gallery, New York, NY

1989   "Reflecting on My White Shelf", Jagendorf Bacchi, New York, NY

1988   "White Girl Makes Her Case", White Columns, New York, NY

1988   "White Girl Paintings", On the Wall Gallery, New York, NY


2024   "100 Women of Spirit", Zürcher Gallery, New York, NY

            "All Tomorrow's Parties", M.David & Co, Brooklyn, NY

            "Peep Space", Tarrytown, NY

            "Among Friends", Metaphor Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

2023   "Boundaries Edge", Techne Art Center, Oceanside, CA

            "Black & White", Bernay Fine Art, Great Barrington, MA

            "Tag, You're It, Exquisite Corpse", Opalka Gallery, Albany Public Library, Albany, NY

            "The Familiar Unknown", Bernay Fine Art, Great Barrington, MA

            "Holiday Show", LABspace, Hillsdale, NY

2022  "Mountain High, Valley Low, LABspace, Hillsdale, NY            

            "11 Women of Spirit", Zürcher Gallery, New York, NY

            "Ephemerally Occupied", Shaker Heritage Society, Albany, NY

            "Lemon Sky", Lemon Sky Projects, Kingston, NY

2020   "Affinities and Outliers", from the collection of the University at Albany Art Museum,                      Albany, NY

            "Infinite Uncertainties", Opalka Gallery, Russell Sage College, Albany, NY

            "The Beginning of Everything", University of Minnesota, MN

2019   "Wild Cards: Weinpersonally Yours", LABspace, Hillsdale, NY, 2 person

2018   "Out of Line", September Gallery, Hudson, NY

             "Celestial Mechanics", Artwork Advisory, New York, NY

2015   "Nature/Nurture", Grand Rapids Art Museum, Grand Rapids, MI, ARTPRIZE #7

             "Kaleidoscopic", Royal Society of American Art, Brooklyn, NY.

2014   "Off the Wall: for Sol LeWitt", New Mexico State University, NM

              "A Transatlantic Affair", Museu de Arte do Rio, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, curator Inti Guerrero

               Sharjah Art Festival, Sharjah, UAE

               NADA, New York, NY with Joe Sheftel Gallery

              "Choices: Works on Paper", Galerie Conrads, Düsseldorf, DE

              "Copietas", Valentine, Bushwick, NY

              "Genesis Forward Battery", HKJB Projects, Bushwick, NY

              "Pencils Down", Palo Alto Art Center, Palo Alto, CA

2013    " Migratory Marks", Visual Arts Center of New Jersey, Summit, NJ

              "Peekskill Project V", Peekskill, NY

              "Graphite", Indianapolis Museum of Art, Indianapolis, IN

                NADA, Miami, FL, with Joe Sheftel Gallery,

              "Jew York", UNTITLED, New York, NY

              "Drawing Now", Art fair, Paris, FR, with Galerie Conrads

2012    "Lucie Fontaine: Estate", Marianne Boesky, New York, NY, curator Nicola Trezzi

              "Lightness, Being", Brooklyn Gallery, Red Hook, NY, curator Trong Nguyen

              "Wearwithall", Quick Fun Gallery, E. Hampton, NY

              "Pressing Matter", Parallel Art Space, Bushwick, NY

              "More or Less", Albany International Airport Gallery, Albany, NY

              "Contemplation and Conjecture", Skidmore College, Saratoga Springs, NY

2011    "What About This?" Galerie Andreas Huber, Vienna, AT curator Raimundas Malasauskas

              "Photo Finish", Tulips and Roses Gallery, Brussels, curator Raimundas Malasauskas

              "After School Special", University at Albany, NY, curator Ken Johnson

              "So Happy Together", Norte Maar, Bushwick, NY, curator Julie Torres

              "Wavelength", Storefront, Bushwick, NY, curator Jason Andrews

2010    "La Chat Grenouille" Unosunove, Milano, IT, curator Raimundas Malasauskas

              "Santa", Frosch and Portmann, New York, NY

              "Portable Caves", HKJB Projects, Greenpoint, NY

              "Atmospheres", Galerie Pangée, Montreal, Canada

 2009   "Fruit and Flower Deli in Exile", DUVE, Berlin, DE

              "Eternal Return", Nurture Art, New York, NY

               Frieze Art Fair, London, UK with Tulips & Roses Gallery

              "La Chat Grenouille", Tulips & Roses Gallery, curator Raimundas Malasauskas

              "Personal Abstractions", HKJB Projects, Brooklyn, NY

               Art Brussels, Brussels, BE, with Galerie Conrads

               NADA Miami, FL, with Fruit & Flower Deli

               Artissima, Turino, Italy, with Fruit & Flower Deli

              "Moonlight Show", Fruit & Flower Deli, Brussels, BE

                Art Brussels, Brussels, BE, with Fruit & Flower Deli

                Serial Meditations, Nurture Art, Brooklyn, NY

               "Awakenings", Spattered Columns, New York, NY

               "Estrella Levante, SOS 4.8", with Fruit and Flower Deli, Murcia, SP, curator Jota Castro

               "Paper Exhibition", Artists Space, New York, NY, curator Raimundas Malasauska

2007      Pierogi Flatfiles, Pierogi 2000, Brooklyn, NY

                Momenta Art, Benefit, Brooklyn, NY

2004      University Art Museum, Pierogi Flatfiles Selected Works, Albany, NY

(as Weinman/Weinperson)

1994        American Fine Arts Benefit, American Fine Arts, , New York

                "Bad Girls", New Museum of Contemporary Art, NY, Curator Marcia Tucker

                  Annual Benefit, White Columns, New York, NY

1993        Return of the Cadavre Exquis, The Drawing Center, , New York, NY

                "Getting to Know You: Sexual Insurrection and Resistance", Kunstlerhaus Bethanien

                  Berlin, DE.                    

                "Getting to Know You: Sexual Insurrection and Resistance," Leipzig Art Museum,  

                  Leipzig, DE.                       

                 "Contacts/Proofs", Jersey City Museum, Jersey City, NJ, Curator Gary Sangster

                  Annual Benefit, White Columns, New York, NY

1992      "By Any Means Necessary", Printed Matter, New York, NY

                  21st Century Foxes, Rebecca Cooper Fine Arts, New York, NY

                  Annual Benefit, White Columns, , New York, NY

1991        Art in General, New York, NY, Curator Holly Block

                "Original Sin", CW Post, Long Island University, NY, Curator Casandra Langer

1990      "Selections",Drawing Center, New York, NY, Curator Ann Philbin.

                "Invitational", Hyde Museum, Glens Falls, NY

1989      "Update", White Columns, New York, NY

                "Reflex", On The Wall Gallery, New York, NY

1988      "Democracy: Cultural Participation", Group Material, Dia Art Foundation, New York, NY                 

1987      "Interplay", Rice Gallery, Albany Institute of Art, Albany, NY, Curator Debra Balkan

                "The Home Show", Schacht Fine Art Center, Troy, NY, Curator Ken Johnson


2020     "Fingering #36", Mazda, Cologne, DE

2018     "Fingering #34", Bristol Myers Squibb, New York, NY

2017     "Fingering #33", Private residence, San Francisco, CA

               "Fingering #32", Norwegian Cruise Ship, Joy, launches China

2016     "Fingering #31", Northeast Michigan Center for the Arts, Alpena, MI

               "Fingering #30", Anthropologie, London Design Week, London, UK

               "Fingering #29", Wythe Hotel, Brooklyn, NY

               "Fingering #27", Chevron Corp, Parkview Green, Beijing, China

2015     "Fingering #26", Lululemon, The Hub event center, New York, NY

               "Fingering #24", Bloomberg Philanthropies, New York, NY

               "Fingering #23", Maples Rugs, New York, NY

2014      Women’s Olympic Snowboard Team, for Burton

2013      "Fingering #17", Maples Rugs, New York, NY

2012      "Fingering #13", Maples Rugs, New York, NY

                "Fingering #12", Maples Rugs, New York, NY


2017        Adolf and Esther Gottlieb Foundation Grant

2017        Tree of Life Foundation Artist Grant

2015        Frey Foundation Seed Grant

2013        Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grant

2013        New York Artist’s Fellowship Grant

2010        Nominee for Louis Comfort Tiffany Foundation Grant


2022      "In Their Studios" -  Converstation with Meg Hitchcock

                  Collarworks Radio - Conversation with Justin Baker

                  Radio Interview - Sanctuary for Independent Media, conversation with Andrea Cunliffe    

2020        Interview, "In Conversation with Judith Braun", by Fleur Adderley, ARCCA Magazine, June, 2020

2018        Documentary Commercial for Bristol Myers Squib, New York City, NY

                  Public Talk - "What Good Is My Cake if I Can’t Eat It", College of St. Rose, Albany, NY

2017        Documentary Film - "More Art Upstairs", documentary film produced by Jody Hassett  Sanchez

2016        Film - Anthropologie, London Design Week

                  Film - Havas Worldwide

2015        Film - Grand Rapids Art Museum, Grand Rapids, MI 

                  Public Talk - "Making Lemonade", The Hub, Lululemon, New York, NY

                  Film - "Invisible Darkness", Chevron, Beijing, China

2014        Private Talk - Bloomberg Philanthropies, New York, NY

                  Public Talk - Art Brussels, The Stage, Brussels, BE

                  Public Talk - State University of New Mexico, gallery talk

                  Student Talk - Kent Place School, Summit, NJ, student lecture

                  Panelist, book launch: "Two Selves: Susan Silas, Joy Episalla", Momenta Art, Brooklyn, NY

                  Video Interview and Blog, Mommy.com, by Susan Silas and Chrysanne Stathacos

2012        Public Talk, Arts and Culture Talks, University Art Museum, University at Albany, NY

                  Public Talk - "Diamond Dust", Chrysler Museum of Art, Norfolk, VA

2011        Student Talk - New York Studio School

2010        Interview, "Survival in New York: An Interview with Artist Judith Braun", Art F City, November 10

                  Yale Radio Interviews, Parts 1-2

                  Public Video Screening - "The Art of Self Absorption", video and talk, Muse Fuse, Bushwick, NY


2022        Robert R. Shane,  "Judith Braun: My Pleasure", BROOKLYN RAIL, March 2022

                  Indiana Nash, "My Pleasure", The Daily Gazette, March 31, 2022           

2020       "The Best Statement-Making Entry Ways...", VOGUE LIVING, AU, Nov 5, 2020    

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2018        “Newfields: A Place for Nature and Art”, Indianapolis Museum of Art (BOOK)

2016        Art Critical, THE REVIEW PANEL, Brooklyn Public Library, Homeostasis and Crazy Bitch, Panelists,                    Rob Storr, Kara Rooney, Lance Esplund, David Cohen.

2016        Taney Roniger, “Judith Braun, Homeostasis and Crazy Bitch”, BROOKLYN RAIL, May 3, 2016

2016        Thomas Micchelli, “Fearless Symmetries, Judith Braun’s Carbon-Based Art Forms,                      HYPERALLERGIC, April 9, 2016


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Estate of Pat Hearn

Estate of Penny McCall

University at Albany Museum, Albany, NY

Morgan Stanley, New York, NY

Lululemon Athletica, New York, NY

Bristol Myers Squib

Chevron, Beijing

College of Notre Dame


1983 MFA   University at Albany, Albany, NY

1982 MA     University at Albany, Albany, NY

1979 BFA    Empire State College, Albany, NY

1967 AAS    Fashion Institute of Technology, New York, NY


2023-24   Intermediate Drawing Professor, University at Albany, Albany, NY

1985-92    Figure Drawing Professor, College of St. Rose, Albany, NY

1994-95    Figure Drawing Instructor, Wood Toby Coburn School of Design, New York, NY

1980-83    Assistant Professor Drawing and Painting, University at Albany, Albany, NY


2010 -present "Edirp and Ecidujerp, Forever", Episodic Archive of 7 videos on Vimeo and YouTube

You Tube channel: Judith Braun


1993 "Weinpersonally Yours", series of 52 weekly postcard mailings


2010 Contestant on first season “Work of Art”, Bravo TV