Expressing my Weinpersona, I made a series of 52 weekly postcards, printed on my studio photocopy machine and sent by postal mail to a regular list of about 200 people. Each card was an image and words, presaging social media updates. The first one, reading "I am just a middle-age-sex-maniac / I am not just a middle-age-sex-maniac", set the tone that evolved into a fairly cohesive year long thread. The text on the last card, "One Year Sentence", is formed from the ten most used words in the series... "or / I / love / you / more / to / not / a / just / me".

Installed in "Wild Cards"

LABspace, Hillsdale, NY, 2019

"Wild Cards" detail

Installed in "Codex"

University at Albany Museum, 1995

"Codex" detail

Installed in "Affinities and Outliers"

University at Albany Museum, 2020

"Affinities and Outliers" detail