Acrylic on raw unstretched canvas, grommets, 79 x 72 in, 2021

These paintings were all made during the pandemic isolation of 2021. The small symmetrical and circular drawings I'd been making began to appear as desperate faces with wild eyes. I decided to make them large, like giant emojis, to express my uncertainty, fear, and anger, as I followed the news of deaths, essential workers, Black Lives Matter, Me Too and immigrants losing children at the border. It was a time to wear my heart on my sleeve.

All fifteen paintings were shown in my solo show, "My Pleasure", at Opalka Gallery, Russell Sage College, Albany, NY, 2022.

Psycho Tears
White Tears
Mask Head
Pink Tears
Rose Colored Glasses
Shadow Head
Happy Bitch
The Song
Flower Head
My Phantom Nipples
Seed Head
Drowning Head
Orange Orb